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Supplies in the market no liquid crystal box or production suspension liquid crystal
Issue Time:2010-11-25

? Today is the Thanksgiving Day, thanks supports our customer for a long time?

?Here has the product which some we look frequently do not receipt, now had keeps in stock?

HLM6323-040300? ........ We revise, arranged the line connection we to revise, the installment mouth needed to be fixed, might accept to the goods friend may come the telephone? .

HLM6321....... Does not need any revision, may trade directly

LM8V302 LM8V302R? Photo........ We used LM8V301 to add a transformation connection, LM8V301 are a connection, we added a transformation connection, turned the LM8V302 connection? .

LQ10D021 SHARP The original factory model, does not need any change